Design Philosophy

Quatre Architect Co., Ltd. is a design oriented architectural firm, founded in 1997 by 3 principal architects: Krit Lamatipanont, Poj Lamatipanont and Thiti Thontavijit.

Since the establishment, we believe that architectural design firm bears a great responsibility to both clients and society in the way that quality of built environment has direct effect to quality of life. To achieve this vision, the highest quality design must be delivered to our clients in every projects. The core design team was initiated from gathering both experienced architects and engineers to assure the best designs and services and also to cover all design aspects with our specialists.

In order to archieve the best suited built environment in each project, requirements and contexts are carefully analyzed to generate a design program. To convey designs into the right direction and to respond to clients'expectation towards their projects, the vision and needs must be clearly understood prior to the design process. Local culture and climate are also brought in and considered as main criteria in design. This information would be later developed into a tangible design.

During design process, as we strive to better our design quality, we have always tried to extend the possibility of design in every projects. A newer and different solution has been explored for each project to create a better design. The most recent technologies are always emerged into design in order to enhance building quality.

With firm belief in our way of profession, hard working and desire to create an inspiring architecture, we are pleased to contribute all of our resources, time and efforts for the aspect of architectural design and serving society.

this is always our company's philosophy.


Quatre Architect Co., Ltd. has experience in many pro- ject types; private residence, commercial, educational, hospitality, multi-family and industrial project. Our services span in 4 main aspects:

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Cost Analysis and Bidding Advice
  • Construction Consultant

For Architectural design and Interior design, principals are subjected to conduct designs through all processes in every projects. The firm scale is maintained to control the quality of services. Team of architects and engineers are also fully participated in each design stage. Construction drawing and specification are prepared with supervision of both experienced architects and engineers.

For bidding process, our value engineers would advise clients for cost analysis and the best competitive construction cost outcome. Construction contract and documents would also be prepared regarding each project condition.

During construction, the construction consultant team would have closed monitor on the construction work. Design team would regularly visit construction site to have a full control of the design. Time, cost and quality are the main criteria of our services.

The sole propose of our services is to transform our client's vision into reality.



กฤษณ์ ลามาติพานนท์
Construction Manager


พจน์ ลามาติพานนท์


ธิติ ทนตวิจิตร

Education :

  • Bachelor of Architecture, Silpakon University

Education :

  • Master of Architecture (Hons.) University
    of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA
  • Bachelor of Architecture (Hons.)
    Chulalongkorn University
  • Real Estate Development
    Chulalongkorn University (RE-CU # 36)

Education :

  • Bachelor of Architecture,
    Chulalongkorn University
  • Associates of Computer Infomation
    System(Networking),New England
    Institue of Technology,Rl, USA

Careers :

  • 1997-2003A. Dusitnanond Architect & Associatea,.Co,.Ltd
  • 2003-PresentQuatre Architect

Careers :

  • 1997-1998Wilsonart International co, Ltd.,
    Texas, USA
  • 1998-2003Nipat Associates,.Co,.Ltd
  • 2003-PresentQuatre Architect

Careers :

  • 1997-1998P49 Design
    & Associates,.Co,.Ltd
  • 1998-2001Nipat Associates,.Co,.Ltd
  • 2001-2003LS Walsh Architect, Rl, USA
  • 2003-PresentQuatre Architect